sound-juicer 2.23.2

       Module: sound-juicer
      Version: 2.23.2
  Uploaded by: Ross Burton
  md5sum: 658a730df73263fc9599dc856532654a
 sha1sum: f3062b3818870a57cdc2bb80f5ab4b9f4774a73d
    size: 2.3M
  md5sum: bc44327beb59c13e6c3c2c2f6ac03420
 sha1sum: 9fe2e1f0939f9d7513720c5fd2a67de0174630b0
    size: 1.8M


Sound Juicer "I Don't Know What You Heard But It's Mandatory" 2.23.2

* Stop playback when the disc is re-read (Matthew Martin)
* Only eject the disc if tracks were ripped (MM)
* Don't try and move the non-existant temp file when skipping (MM)
* Free the option context (Pierre Benz)
* Don't block until n-c-b quits when copying discs
* Fix playback track switching (MM)

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