evolution 2.23.90

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.23.90
  Uploaded by: Srinivasa Ragavan

  md5sum: bd35801766fc36259e413532f679ad0b
 sha1sum: 5eb6f8e2467257b9e971135a8131051f722ead77
    size: 36M

  md5sum: 822234b835811a8abdacb1f865a5cb55
 sha1sum: fc36373d9abf4d16805c5ec160b401be8757b030
    size: 30M


Evolution 2.23.90 2008-08-18

Bug Fixes:
	#249844: Fix compiler warnings (Milan Crha)
	#324203: New check box to be able to set LDAP address books browseable until reaches given limits (Milan Crha)
	#347287: Use a single model for all the views (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	#352695: Search and clear action, looses the expanded state of threads (Milan Crha)
	#416258: Make evolution respect GTK_ICON_SIZE changes (Gilles Dartiguelongue)
	#435969: Show authentication section in an account druid too (Milan Crha)
	#467115: Fix missing icons in different modules (Matthew Barnes)
	#498095: Set proper mnemonic widget for description label (Dmitrijs Ledkovs)
	#508732 Removed 'Crash detection' startup dialog box. (Mathew Barnes)
	#513363: Removed the outdated "New Features" list and the incorrect "Evolution team" email address. (Mathew Barnes)
	#519292: Better thread expand and collapse handling (Milan Crha)
	#529743: Support Subject or Recipients contain search (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	#530402: Improve dialog wording, and don't use a window title (HIG) (Matthew Barnes)(
	#531288: Use proxy icon from tango-icon-theme and fall back to the icon shipped by gnome-control-center (Josef Vybíral)
	#535745: Require and link calendar libs with libgdata and libgdata-google (Milan Crha)
	#544117: Initialize variables to NULL, to not free uninitialized memory in the cleanup part on the error (Milan Crha)
	#546263: Editing contact list messes minicard view fixed (Milan Crha)
	#546668: Drop one unused define (Paul Bolle)
	#546744: Use address-book-new icon instead of contacts-new (Michael Monreal)
	#546748: Change "_Properties..." to "_Properties" to match HIG and other components. (Michael Monreal)
	#546785: Make bbdb plugin just as polite as google-account-setup (Paul Bolle)
	#546788: Drop unused "ViewNormal" cmd entry (Paul Bolle)
	#546788: Remove unused formatting style option (Paul Bolle)
	#546892: Prefer themed icon names (Matthew Barnes)
	#547308: Do not try to authenticate to the server more than twice with correct credentials (Milan Crha)
	#547369: Fix a typo. (Matthew Barnes)
	#547372: Fix TeX-style quotes (Matthew Barnes)
	#547411: New, Tangoized versions of images now live in data/icons (Matthew Barnes)
	#547805: Do not filter list of applications to open attachments (Sebastien Bacher)

Other fixes:
	Lots of disk summary related stability fixes (Srinivasa Ragavan)

Updated Translations:
	Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (gl)
	Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	Shankar Prasad (kn)
	Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
	Jorge Gonzalez (es)
	Duarte Loreto (pt)
	Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_HK)
	Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_TW)
	Ivar Smolin (et)
	Abou Manal (ar)

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