libglade 2.6.3

       Module: libglade
      Version: 2.6.3
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 8d9ff13a27ac2c786fe656771564f911
 sha1sum: 24b479aec0a0b9c3a709a4e7cbc4e630dc29f928
    size: 440K
  md5sum: 1c359860b1a0f369f0b6e3f96fd985c2
 sha1sum: 0af8b3263f241d4495243282e64b9aa43fecb618
    size: 356K



	* glade_xml_new_from_buffer(): Do not call 
	g_free() on a GObject.  (Matthias Clasen, Peter Clifton)
	* Build: Check for glib >= 2.10 in configure.
	(Murray Cumming)
	* Documentation:
	- Actually show glade_xml_construct_from_buffer().
	(Murray Cumming)
	- Improve the book title and abstract.
	(Diego Gonzalez)
	- Mention gmodule-export-2.0 for autoconnecting. Bug #446175.
	(Murray Cumming)
	* Windows: Export glade_xml_construct_from_buffer().
	(Armin Burgmeier)

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