gmime 2.3.6

       Module: gmime
      Version: 2.3.6
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: b676bfc45a65a09ec6660061a05dabb3
 sha1sum: 99cd0e95fe1c07c70f61dc5bd76fd84ff194b9c2
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: d21421ba48213f0c4d0c0a29d276f696
 sha1sum: 8229beb6bf770bea0aa16c3b4108ea53443c18fe
    size: 820K


2008-08-16  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* README: Bumped version

	* Bumped version to 2.3.6

2008-08-16  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* mono/InternetAddressList.cs: Rewritten to be more awesome. Now
	implements IList.

	* tools/ Updated.

	* gmime/gmime-message.c: Updated for InternetAddressList API

	* gmime/internet-address.c: Completely reworked the
	InternetAddressList API.
	(internet_address_list_parse_string): Renamed from

2008-08-15  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* gmime/internet-address.c (decode_mailbox): Implemented a
	work-around for broken email addresses that have more than a
	single '.' between word tokens making up the local-part of an
	addr-spec. See Evolution bug #547969 for details.

2008-08-07  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* gmime/gmime-message-part.c (g_mime_message_part_get_message):
	Only ref the message if it is non-NULL. Thanks to Peter Bloomfield
	for this fix.

2008-07-19  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* gmime/gmime-header.c (g_mime_header_iter_get_offset): Disable
	for now, currently it never gets set.

2008-07-11  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* src/uudecode.c (uudecode): Don't base64 decode the
	end-tag ("====\n"). Fixes bug #542222.

2008-07-08  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* COPYING: Fixed to reference LGPL v2.1

	* docs/reference/gmime-sections.txt: Updated.

	* gmime/gmime-header.c (g_mime_header_list_foreach): Added back
	since it's fairly simple and makes it easier for apps to be ported
	over to GMime 2.4

	* gmime/gmime-message.h: Removed unused prototypes.

	* gmime/gmime-common.h: Same.

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