vala 0.3.5

       Module: vala
      Version: 0.3.5
  Uploaded by: Jürg Billeter
  md5sum: 9701521a9a39e962d932edcab6e54822
 sha1sum: c7b20eb0e37fa76e1cf5c3e1ad731d92c27152e7
    size: 1.9M
  md5sum: ac2b5ab509dfabd923d0ed89df2c7c47
 sha1sum: fc1055fde250a9fa5f4ef56ba2f731ba832b2861
    size: 1.4M


Vala 0.3.5

 * Notify on property changes by default (Jared Moore)
 * Add unique-1.0 bindings (Phil Housley)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, and GStreamer bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

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