gedit 2.23.3

       Module: gedit
      Version: 2.23.3
  Uploaded by: Paolo Borelli
  md5sum: 4252d8588c05a97a0d90b0f66fea0c63
 sha1sum: ecc979e7be3c44bbfa48252bdddbdf67df496438
    size: 5.8M
  md5sum: e510daa7695b380caaac7e83b0bb3349
 sha1sum: 22f0d1d97ef98e78547f29e5c2157685199730dc
    size: 3.9M


- remove libgnome dependency, use eggsmclient for XSMP support (Johan Dahlin, Dan Winship)

gedit 2.23.2

New Features and Fixes

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