libbonoboui 2.23.5

       Module: libbonoboui
      Version: 2.23.5
  Uploaded by: Olav Vitters
  md5sum: d72e6bd8ce54144007c52bc9b3d201fd
 sha1sum: c296f68a41aab2e9731f660af5d652a192c7dac6
    size: 1.3M
  md5sum: 8c04cb1228b54c41278a5fa51fc36608
 sha1sum: c9e70204b4cd9b3be922e77431558ab5914b71eb
    size: 968K


libbonoboui 2.23.5

	* Remove gnome-vfs dependency (#544831, Cosimo Cecchi)
	* Allows to build using GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (chpe).
	* Translation updates.

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