gvfs 0.99.4

       Module: gvfs
      Version: 0.99.4
  Uploaded by: Christian Kellner

  md5sum: 1daa57e0c41b64b033651700f42294e1
 sha1sum: 6639d6e3a7caa2501a23aa1be165c8759a8160ac
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: ff8e811b7d3fe14f65cd2ccf1b916010
 sha1sum: ac23fbc692663212dca9d31727925dd3c5f729a7
    size: 828K


Major changes in 0.99.4

* Require glib >= 2.17.6
* Support und update serialization of GEmblem and GEmblemedIcon
* Add x-content/* support to daemon mounts
* Use standard icon names

* Bug fixes
  545695 â?? any new volume is mounted twice
  545489 â?? Nautilus hangs when inserting a CD
  544008 â?? g_daemon_file_replace_async mode err
  543552 â?? gvfs-fuse-daemon crashes if dbus dies
  528891 â?? Handle URI schemes case insensitive
  525779 â?? Dont look for trashs dir on sys mounts
  545968 â?? leaks xml documents in error cases
  545966 â?? Disallow net access to WebDAV xml parser
  509740 â?? Trash icon not updated ..
  539167 â?? Use g_set_error_literal where appropriate
  528848 â?? [PATCH] statfs lies
  518284 â?? need to add i18n on module branching

* Translation updates:
  it (Luca Ferretti), gl (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro), es (Jorge Gonzalez)
  ja (Takeshi AIHANA), ar (Khaled Hosny), pt_BR (Vladimir Melo),

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