gnome-games 2.23.6

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.23.6
  Uploaded by: Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen
  md5sum: c91a24e113496bf7d2d21156dc5a7204
 sha1sum: d32b119de6d54882b6160d8d3de312677bbd4360
    size: 20M
  md5sum: 9f13ed34427d4c19d423464cd59dba08
 sha1sum: 60cc4ea8d3efbfc21e0c1d305a704c8298fea987
    size: 17M


gnome-games 2.23.6

Mostly just translation updates this time. Many thanks to all our translators!

 - Revert bogus patch from bug #444806 (Christian Persch)

 - ar: Djihed Afifi
 - de: Nicolas Kaiser, Mario Blättermann
 - it: Alessio Treglia
 - nb: Kjartan Maraas
 - pt_BR: Vladimir Melo
 - ru: Dmitry Dzhus
 - sv: Daniel Nylander

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