Module: nautilus
  Uploaded by: Christian Neumair
  md5sum: 1317df5d5206daf700d2a9111e3782c5
 sha1sum: 3b10b6edb3f90811e0cc98279cd4d309380c6dda
    size: 15M
  md5sum: 83a6ee496f994ee33272b86b3fdc81f9
 sha1sum: b4b045a5ff0feb57d75e1f5e06b8822a6b95cdcc
    size: 10M


2008-08-04  Christian Neumair  <cneumair gnome org>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release.

	Change version to

2008-08-04  Christian Neumair  <cneumair gnome org>

	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c (update_info_internal):
	When changing the file name, only clear the display name if the new
	file info has a NULL display name, i.e. it hasn't been set before with
	nautilus_file_set_display_name(). Fixes icon names of computer:/// items.

2008-08-03  Christian Neumair  <cneumair gnome org>

	Post release version bump.

=== nautilus 2.23.6 ===

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