gnome-keyring 2.23.6

       Module: gnome-keyring
      Version: 2.23.6
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
  md5sum: 0c9e6190f7a604cc402ea6b4cc67206b
 sha1sum: ff9320b2dc2e4ec7a2b8f0297c80fe2c06ff01f3
    size: 1.3M
  md5sum: 51183ab3869d851959c265cf86f30ed4
 sha1sum: 5e4067d4e3a9a48da54dee59474c1582be139122
    size: 964K


Changes in version 2.23.6 are:
* If the user denies a prompt, then don't prompt the same prompt
  again for that connection to the daemon.
* Bug fixes for loading of SSH keys. 
* Add gconf schema for noting the user's configured PKCS#11 modules.
* Update and bug fixes for the new GP11 library.
* Better reference counting of internal objects.
* When a certificate is in the roots storage, assume it is a CA if 
  no basic constraints are present.
* Add ability of PKCS#11 module to accept a string on its reserved
  initialization argument, similar to NSS's libsoftkn3 module.
* Translation fixes.
* Build fixes.

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