conduit 0.3.10

       Module: conduit
      Version: 0.3.10
  Uploaded by: John Stowers
  md5sum: 0737098b8e226d7f4e084f32678028ff
    size: 856K
  md5sum: cce2897a7c068daeeb8f284d3193a01d
    size: 652K


NEW in 0.3.10:
* Improve error logging and debug messages at startup
* Improve network sync performance
* Improve dataprovider config dialogs
  * You can now see the available photosets (Flickr)
  * You can now see the available photo albums (Picasa)
  * You can now see the available folders (
  * You can create f-spot tags from the fspot dialog
  * You can see, and delete the available albums on your iPod

* Fixed #510101, tomboy notes are unicode, but ipod notes are not (tumi st gmail com)
* Fixed #510127, Support Rhythmbox Playlists (Alexandre Rosenfeld)
* Fixed #517928, GUI Corrections Needed (Claude Paroz)
* Fixed #520748, Move to its own module (Claude Paroz)
* Fixed #520785, Syncing two folders can lead to data loss (John Stowers)
* Fixed #523551, .conduit on removeable devices just contain the last finished sync (John Stowers)
* Fixed #523575, conduit display wrong arrow (John Stowers)
* Fixed #523579, too long names in folder-provider causes some strange ui behavior (John Stowers)
* Fixed #523692, Tomboy dataprovider doesn't work with tomboy 0.10.0 (Thomas Van Machelen)
* Fixed #523915, Make picasa config dialog better (Thomas Van Machelen)
* Fixed #524451, Illegal Char in filename  / (John Stowers)
* Fixed #526292, DPs which call web login() from configure freeze the GUI (John Stowers)
* Fixed #527438, Missing file separator in synchronisation with smb-shares (John Stowers)
* Fixed #517536, Create Tag on F-Spot (Thomas Van Machelen)

* Updated fi: Ilkka Tuohela
* Updated sl: Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?
* Updated en_GB: Philip Withnall
* Updated es: Jorge Gonzalez
* Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen

Help Manual Translations:
* Updated es: Jorge Gonzalez

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