f-spot 0.4.3

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.4.3
  Uploaded by: Stephane Delcroix

  md5sum: d842a713c5c77f504c5f80a6882c3b74
    size: 3.4M

  md5sum: 8b9e21982f08bbac66b582bfd7515538
    size: 2.4M


f-spot 0.4.3 - Apr 29 2008 - Three
- new print dialog with preview, new print options
- new filmstrip widget in Edit mode
- allow custom selection ratios for cropping
- sort tags by popularity (desc) in tag-typing autocompletion
- x-content/* support, integrate seemlessly with gnome 2.22
- works again on ppc architecture
- tons of bugfixes, translation updates and improvments all over the place

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