gnome-volume-manager 2.22.3

       Module: gnome-volume-manager
      Version: 2.22.3
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: 73e62c7150d3054e014e893a2afb84f0
    size: 552K
  md5sum: 09a3f020478caad6c0e54f291488a6b0
    size: 388K


2008-04-22  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* src/properties.c: Conditionally disable automounting properties
	and remove them from the UI.

	* src/manager.c: Conditionally disable all of the auto-mounting
	code which Nautilus is now supposed to handle starting with GNOME
	2.22, as far as I understand...

2008-04-22  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* src/manager.c: Looks like we didn't have an AUTOMOUSE or
	AUTOMOUSE_COMMAND either, which I'm sure would have broken some

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