glade3 3.4.4

       Module: glade3
      Version: 3.4.4
  Uploaded by: Tristan Van Berkom
  md5sum: c51fe016c9f5e3239a394605f81fe98d
    size: 2.5M
  md5sum: a99ec8101e4839f73f1557a6fa220f6b
    size: 1.7M


Glade 3.4.4
	- Now first toplevel in project automatically shows up in
	  the workspace
	- Project no longer allows duplicate widget names
	- Fixed bugs 528511, and 528552.

New and updated translations
	- Laurent Dhima (sq)
	- Baris Cicek (tr)
	- Alexander Shopov (bg)
	- Kenneth Nielsen (da)
	- Jorge Gonzalez (es)
	- Philip Withnall (en_GB)
	- Ani Peter (ml)
	- Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (pt_BR)
	- Rajesh Ranjan (hi)


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