java-gnome 4.0.7-rc1

       Module: java-gnome
      Version: 4.0.7-rc1
  Uploaded by: Andrew Cowie
  md5sum: 3828687e805f5f4c7a0834b95a713a98
    size: 612K
  md5sum: abc1c5edc41640ef6d67d6c394166b8e
    size: 444K


<a name="debian" id="1208324712" title="Packaged in Debian Linux"></a>

Debian packages

The java-gnome bindings suite is now available in [Debian
Linux]( as

 * `libjava-gnome-java`

If you need help installing it, see the the Debian page in the
[download](/4.0/get/debian.php) section here.

Compliemnts to Manu Mahajan for having done the research to develop the Debian
package, and thanks to Thomas Girard for having refined Manu's start and for
having seen through the process of getting the packge uploaded.


<a name="cairo" id="1207377494" title="Cairo"></a>

Cairo support

Adding coverage of the Cairo Graphics library is a feature we've been working
on for about 6 months now, and during the 4.0.7 development cycle we've been
able to land it in java-gnome!

Cairo is a huge library, of course, but we've put enough coverage in place to
ensure that things are working. Cairo has lots of convenience functions and
tons of obscure uses; no surprise (and no apology) that there's still lots
that will need doing. If you want to help make sure it has what you need, then
grab '`mainline`' and see `org.freedesktop.cairo.`[`Context`][Context].

Huge thanks go out to Behdad Esfahbod and Carl Worth; Behdad was really
critical in explaining some basic Cairo concepts to me started when we were
working together at the GNOME Summit back in October in Boston, and during March
at the GTK hackfest in Berlin, Carl Worth was awesome for having checked our 
preliminary APIs and for having helped sorted us out as we were working our
way through create some examples.

[Context]: doc/api/org/freedesktop/cairo/Context.html


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