Module: gnome-panel
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: 279e47ec7de04405e8dc20f0144c1f6c
    size: 4.9M
  md5sum: af5e33b27c4b4a8f932baa8530dd79b9
    size: 3.2M



  Clock Applet

	* Fix internal handling of locations to not create new locations all
	  the time. As a side-effect, this fixes the location not being
	  recognized as the current one when the user clicks "Set" (Vincent)
	* Improve pre-filling of the find entry (Vincent)
	* Be more solid against cases where there's no Locations.xml (Vincent)
	* Better handling of some special cases when detecting the system
	  timezone (like /usr/share/zoneinfo/posix/Europe/Paris) (Vincent)
	* Fix memory leaks (Vincent)
	* First look if /etc/localtime is a symbolic link when detecting the
	  current timezone instead of first parsing a few files (Vincent)
	* Add support for Arch Linux system timezone (Vincent)
	* Fix a crash in the system timezone reading/writing code on 64-bits
	  machines (Vincent)


	* Add new keys to gnome-panel.desktop to also make it work with
	  gnome-session 2.23/2.24. The panel will still work with gnome-session
	  2.22, of course. (Lucas Rocha)


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