Module: gnome-panel
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: faf44224d1c17de29c84218ddf98f5d5
    size: 4.9M
  md5sum: bf89eb75655557c6a1ab9dbd37f028a6
    size: 3.2M



  Distributors: this release rewrites the way the system timezone is read/set.
  Please check that it correctly works on your OS (including changing the right
  configuration files), and if not, file a bug.

  Clock Applet

	* Lots of code cleanup (Vincent)
	* Fix small bug where the map might not update when time goes backwards
	* Do not even try to rotate the map. We didn't want to do this and can
	  cause corrupted maps on OpenSolaris (Vincent)
	* Use the right directory for timezone data on Solaris (Brian Cameron,
	* Use the latest evolution text domain for timezone translations
	* Plug some leaks (Vincent)
	* Completely rewrite the system timezone detection to work on more
	  OS (Vincent)
	* Immediately update the time on the clock when the system timezone is
	  changed (even by an external program) (Vincent)
	* Use less memory by not keeping data that will not be used (Vincent)
	* Optimization work to display the Add/Edit Location dialog much faster
	* Completely rewrite the way we set the system timezone to correctly
	  work on more OS. It should now update the correct config files and
	  use a symlink for /etc/localtime if it was already a symlink before.
	* Small optimization: cache the can_do result for PolicyKit actions to
	  not query too often and save some time (Vincent)
	* Lots of optimization work for opening the calendar & timezone popup
	  faster. Do not display things multiple times, load files multiples
	  times, do useless things, etc. (Vincent)
	* Reset the state of the find location window when closing the Add/Edit
	  Location dialog (Vincent)
	* Do not assume that the timezone and country data files are available
	  and so don't crash when they're not (Vincent)
	* Pre-fill the find location entry when it makes sense (Vincent)
	* Make the add/edit location dialog not resizable (Vincent)
	* Improve initial size of the find location dialog (Vincent)


	* When compiling with NetworkManager support, check that the
	  NetworkManager version is recent enough (Vincent)


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