nautilus-cd-burner 2.22.1

       Module: nautilus-cd-burner
      Version: 2.22.1
  Uploaded by: William Jon McCann
  md5sum: d4e54fd24f8919600eea8ff94da1d285
    size: 1.0M
  md5sum: 6bf96cb55a11813a26118eabafa69143
    size: 724K


Version 2.22.1

- Fixed #524467, Right-click menu of DVD writer does not have "Copy Disk" option (William Jon McCann)

- Updated be: Alexander Nyakhaychyk
- Updated nn: Eskild Hustvedt
- Updated el: Nikos Charonitakis
- Updated ml: Ani Peter
- Updated da: Kenneth Nielsen
- Updated sk: Marcel Telka

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