libepc 0.3.5

       Module: libepc
      Version: 0.3.5
  Uploaded by: Mathias Hasselmann
  md5sum: 396d3806c942c805140f2d1b906367d2
    size: 596K
  md5sum: 83c931954c7428e57b2bdf8f36ecb0d0
    size: 432K


Release 0.3.5

	* Upgrade the test suite to handle multiple active network interfaces.
	* Plugged two small memory leaks in EpcDispatcher and EpcPublisher.
	* Specify charset for the publisher's TOC (#523992).
	* Small build fixes.

Translation Updates

	British English (Philip Withnall)
	Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
	French (Quevi Jessye)
	Greek (Giannis Katsampiris)
	Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

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