nautilus 2.22.2

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.22.2
  Uploaded by: Christian Neumair
  md5sum: 55dcb4d9cf5ddda7d43aea8cb95ab992
    size: 7.2M
  md5sum: 4758815c46f350bd314d9e104f0a1b72
    size: 4.9M


Major changes in 2.22.2 are:
* Add NautilusFileInfo APIs: can_write(), get_mount(), get_parent_info()
* Do not try to autorun autorun.exe and autorun.inf
* Automount in idle callback rather than at startup to improve user experience
* Properly inhibit automount on startup, or for long login procedures
* Do not automount directories in hidden hierarchies
* Fix scrollbar display bug in "text besides icon" icon view mode
* Do not thumbnail unreadable files
* Correctly display bookmark icons
* Fix blurry property window icon
* Fix bookmark editing window

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