libsoup 2.4.1

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.4.1
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
  md5sum: d8deba0b01b7d97e4dc6c435ff427138
    size: 852K
  md5sum: d0fc91ccb9da401e9e40d2f4612bdac9
    size: 620K


Changes in libsoup from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1:

	* Fixed SoupMessage to not downgrade to HTTP/1.0 for the
          second attempt when it receives an HTTP/1.0 redirect or 401.
          [#521848, Tommu Komulainen]

	* Fixed Host: header syntax when the host is an IPv6 address

	* Fixed SoupSession to not emit "authenticate" multiple times
	  for messages that have been requeued. [#522601, Tommi
	  Komulainen]. Also added two new signals to SoupSession,
	  request-queued and request-unqueued, to help simplify
	  certain session-helpers and avoid bugs like this in the

	* Fixed soup_server_pause_message() to actually work (rather
          than *un*pausing the message).

	* Added a property SOUP_SESSION_IDLE_TIMEOUT that can be used
          to set a timeout after which idle connections will
          automatically be closed. [#518214, Jorn Baayen]

	* Implemented RFC 2069-style Digest auth, and fixed SoupAuth
          to compare auth scheme names case-insensitively, to fix
          authentication against Apple's calendar server. [#498484]

	* Fixed a crash in SoupAuthDomainDigest if the client provided
          an unrecognized username. [pointed out by Curtis Magyar on

	* Fixed a few SoupDate bugs. (In particular, it was outputting
          the wrong day of the week when stringifying dates.)

	* Improved the cleanup of idle connections, to fix slow load
          times with the libsoup backend of WebKit.

	* Added a new SoupMessage signal "wrote-body-data" that can be
          used for progress information when sending a large request
          body. Also allow providing the request body in multiple
          chunks even when using Content-Length encoding. [#525101,
          Christian Kellner]

	* libsoup now ignores SIGPIPE globally, instead of
          un-thread-safe-ly ignoring it only around network writes. In
          particular, this means it is ignored when the SSL code needs
          to unexpectedly do a write when we asked it to do a read.
          [#524397, Curtis Magyar]

	* The discard-body-chunks-once-they're-no-longer-needed
          behavior, confusingly called SOUP_MESSAGE_OVERWRITE_CHUNKS,
          is now controlled by a SoupMessageBody method
          (soup_message_body_set_accumulate()), and can be applied to
          either the request body or the response body.
          (OVERWRITE_CHUNKS is still available for backward
          compatibility.) [#522146, Christian Kellner]

	* The DNS cache no longer caches "no such host" results, since
          some name servers lie to clients outside their firewall,
          which could then cause problems for laptops moved between
          networks. [#523269, Jörgen Scheibengruber]

	* Added some new regression tests, fixed some small bugs in
          the existing ones.

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