evolution-exchange 2.22.1

       Module: evolution-exchange
      Version: 2.22.1
  Uploaded by: Srinivasa Ragavan

  md5sum: 47c26f74196e63966559dcbcb53dde52
    size: 1.6M

  md5sum: 213db2462016f18ad3261d3e7fb00004
    size: 1.1M


Evolution Exchange 2.22.1 2008-04-07

Bug fixes:
	#268259: (Novell Bugzilla) Don't require restart of Evolution to create appointment on switching from offline to online mode (Suman Manjunath)
	#303067: Random crash looking up addresses in new email (Milan Crha)

Updated Translations:
	Philip Withnall (en_GB)
	Krishna Babu K (te)
	Ivar Smolin (et)

Evolution Exchange 2.22.0 2008-03-10

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