metacity 2.23.5

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.23.5
  Uploaded by: Thomas James Alexander Thurman
  md5sum: 8e84972320d15c3f535fdc0f0917e4e5
    size: 3.1M
  md5sum: 1fc550df5dd902b9be071844a9c6ed33
    size: 2.0M



Thanks to Lucas Rocha, Owen Taylor, and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this

  - Updates of useless preferences don't crash (Thomas) (#526016)
  - Compliance with new gnome-session (Lucas) (#525051)
  - Preview widget doesn't crash on broken themes (Thomas) (Launchpad 199402)
  - Initially iconic windows don't unminimise (Owen) (#491090)
  - Move ~/.metacity to ~/.config/metacity (Thomas) (#518596)
  - Metacity doesn't stay around when replaced (Thomas)
  - Extra check for null return in a function (Thomas)
  - Displays are singletons, simplifying code (Thomas) (#499301)

  Jorge González (es), Eskild Hustvedt (nn), Baris Cicek (tr), Clytie Siddall (vi)

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