libxml2 2.6.30

       Module: libxml2
      Version: 2.6.30
  Uploaded by: Frédéric Crozat
  md5sum: 460e6d853e824da700d698532e57316b
    size: 4.6M
  md5sum: cbc6d381daaa836b90a7ab449c1bc1ae
    size: 3.5M


to the SVN at
 code base.Here is the list of public releases:
2.6.29: Jun 12 2007:
   - Portability: patches from Andreas Stricke for WinCEi,
      fix compilation warnings (William Brack), avoid warnings on Apple OS/X
      (Wendy Doyle and Mark Rowe), Windows compilation and threading
      improvements (Rob Richards), compilation against old Python versions,
      new GNU tar changes (Ryan Hill)
   - Documentation: xmlURIUnescapeString comment, 
   - Bugfixes: xmlBufferAdd problem (Richard Jones), 'make valgrind'
      flag fix (Richard Jones), regexp interpretation of \,
      htmlCreateDocParserCtxt (Jean-Daniel Dupas),
      typo (Bjorn Reese), entity content failure, xmlListAppend() fix
      (Georges-André Silber), XPath number serialization (William Brack),
      nanohttp gzipped stream fix (William Brack and Alex Cornejo),
      xmlCharEncFirstLine typo (Mark Rowe), uri bug (François Delyon),
      XPath string value of PI nodes (William Brack), XPath node set
      sorting bugs (William Brack), avoid outputting namespace decl
      dups in the writer (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReset bug, UTF-8 encoding
      error handling, recustion on next in catalogs, fix a Relax-NG crash,
      workaround wrong file: URIs, htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput on attributes,
      invalid character in attribute detection bug, big comments before 
      internal subset streaming bug, HTML parsing of attributes with : in
      the name, IDness of name in HTML (Dagfinn I. Mannsåker) 
   - Improvement: keep URI query parts in raw form (Richard Jones),
      embed tag support in HTML (Michael Day) 

2.6.28: Apr 17 2007:
   - Documentation: comment fixes (Markus Keim), xpath comments fixes too
      (James Dennett)
   - Bug fixes: XPath bug (William Brack), HTML parser autoclose stack usage
      (Usamah Malik), various regexp bug fixes (DV and William), path conversion
      on Windows (Igor Zlatkovic), htmlCtxtReset fix (Michael Day), XPath
      principal node of axis bug, HTML serialization of some codepoint
      (Steven Rainwater), user data propagation in XInclude (Michael Day),
      standalone and XML decl detection (Michael Day), Python id ouptut
      for some id, fix the big python string memory leak, URI parsing fixes
      (Stéphane Bidoul and William), long comments parsing bug (William),
      concurrent threads initialization (Ted Phelps), invalid char
      in text XInclude (William), XPath memory leak (William), tab in
      python problems (Andreas Hanke), XPath node comparison error
      (Oleg Paraschenko), cleanup patch for reader (Julien Reichel),
      XML Schemas attribute group (William), HTML parsing problem (William),
      fix char 0x2d in regexps (William), regexp quantifier range with
      min occurs of 0 (William), HTML script/style parsing (Mike Day)
   - Improvement: make xmlTextReaderSetup() public
   - Compilation and postability: fix a missing include problem (William),
      __ss_familly on AIX again (Björn Wiberg), compilation without zlib
      (Michael Day), catalog patch for Win32 (Christian Ehrlicher),
      Windows CE fixes (Andreas Stricke)
   - Various CVS to SVN infrastructure changes

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