glib 2.14.1

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.14.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: dd436aceda2b0fac690d11129b157dc9
    size: 4.4M
  md5sum: 196d7944a8ddc1f7c3d1e9c7146dd560
    size: 3.2M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.14.0 to GLib 2.14.1

* Bugs fixed:
 476840 Invocation of the interface "g_utf8_strreverse" crashes f...
 444765 Fix FIXME in gregex.c when new pcre is out
 464145 g_markup_escape_text Produces Invalid XML
 465625 g_type_default_interface_ref() does not ensure working g_...
 466768 Clearify that comments can be put anywhere in a Key-file.
 474229 The GError documentation should give convention for the G...
 474899 G_BREAKPOINT() docs inaccurate
 475854 Overuse of -lpcre when using system pcre
 473879 Incorrect includes in gregex.c
 468694 Typoes in documentation
 469051 g_snprintf () talks about characters where it probably me...
 457601 Missing arch specific atomic implementation
 475923 Missing pcre flags when static-linking against glib
 475619 does not list -lpthread

* Updated translations:
 Bulgarian (bg)
 Catalan (ca)
 Danish (da)
 German (de)
 Canadian English (en_CA)
 British English (en_GB)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Finnish (fi)
 French (fr)
 Gujarati (gu)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Italian (it)
 Georgian (ka)
 Kannada (kn)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Makedonian (mk)
 Norwegian (nb)
 Dutch (nl)
 Polish (pl)
 Portugese (pt)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Romanian (ro)
 Russian (ru)
 Albanian (sq)
 Serbian (sr, sr Latn)
 Swedish (sv)
 Tamil (ta)
 Thai (th)
 Ukrainian (uk)
 Vietnamese (vi)

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