gtk-sharp 2.10.2

       Module: gtk-sharp
      Version: 2.10.2
  Uploaded by: Mike Kestner
  md5sum: b7f674a801054152780b7064b7318990
    size: 2.1M
  md5sum: 7d509a677c58b2e6a8c85db51d0b1451
    size: 1.5M


2007-08-02  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs : #if out the Copy override generation 
	since it breaks Drag and Drop somehow in f-spot.  Will fix 
	properly later.  [Fixes #82287]

2007-07-27  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs : only generate Copy override for methods
	with no parameters.  Fixes a gnome-sharp build problem.

2007-07-26  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* parser/ : beef up error message for signal vm parse.
	[Fixes #82149]

2007-07-24  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* bootstrap-2.10 : bump version and tag 2.10.2. 

2007-07-20  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gtk/Calendar.custom : workaround invalid states in widget when
	raising month_changed signals.  [Fixes #78524]

2007-07-20  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gtk/gtk-api-2.10.raw : refresh.
	* parser/ : combine lines that end in '\' before sending
	them through the pattern matching.  [Fixes #79214]

2007-07-19  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs : override the new Copy vm if a Copy method
	exists for the type.
	* glib/Opaque.cs : add a virtual method to allow subclasses with
	Copy methods to override.  Use the method in GetOpaque for unowned
	instantiations to try to obtain an owned instance. [Fixes #82037]
2007-07-18  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gdk/EventExpose.cs : return a pointer from the get_area glue
	pinvoke to avoid VS crashes on win32.
	* gdk/glue/event.c : return a GdkRectangle* to avoid stack imbalance
	on VS debugger.  [Fixes #82098]

2007-07-17  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : map TreeModelFilter ctor param to prop to
	avoid subclass ctor exception. [Fixes #82115]

2007-07-17  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs : make GError** signatures fatal to
	avoid compilation problem in gmime-sharp.

2007-07-12  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/StructBase.cs : use typeof to pass type to PtrToStruct
	to avoid an instantiation and method call.  Duh.

2007-07-10  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* generator/ImportSignature.cs : use Parameter.NativeSignature 
	prop and refactor out some GError handling.
	* generator/MethodBody.cs : Refactor logic into Parameters.
	* generator/Parameters.cs : add ArrayParameter, ArrayCountPair, and
	ErrorParameter subclasses to refactor spaghetti code in MethodBody.

2007-07-03  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* bootstrap-generic : use automake --foreign to make automake-1.10
	happy with gnu make function usage.

2007-06-25  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gtk/StatusIcon.custom : present_icon is in the glue lib.

2007-06-25  Ankit Jain  <jankit novell com>

	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : hide Property.Get for manual impl.
	* gdk/Property.custom : manually marshal the data param in Get.

2007-06-19  Mike Kestner  <mkestner novell com>

	* gdk/Property.custom : obsolete compat overload for Change().
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : array attr for Property.Change ().
	* gdk/ : add custom file.

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