anjuta 2.2.1

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.2.1
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: b8d3577bef65e6a4e02a69923cba71b9
    size: 7.1M
  md5sum: 7569935b1b498bd64ff05e38087e7189
    size: 5.3M


Anjuta 2.2.1 (06 Sep 2007) -- Naba Kumar

* Fixed lots of memory leaks (thanks valgrind)
* Fixed crasher on shutdown
* Avoid an endless loop if clearing all breakpoints while the programm
  is running
* Fixed help activation (bug #451557).
* Fixed compiler warnings.
* Fixed #423467 (View->Tasks menu items are not checked on startup)
* Fixed anjuta-plugin template plugin by moving the "\" out of the [IF] block
* Fixes bug #433552: crash in Anjuta IDE: add file test.h in project on
  generic Makefile.
* Disables 'Add to project' in wizards for projects that can not add sources.
* Fixed bug #450217: Refreshing tree brings to random crashes
* Fixed bug 453931 - crash in Anjuta IDE: Trying some c++ exampled
* Fixed bug 457093 - crash in Anjuta IDE: just typed in some text

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