gdm 2.19.8

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.19.8
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: 1645154a9aa7e2b8c285f722a8a828d2
    size: 5.7M
  md5sum: 65eb454eef0b9fc9d4abf9de3d2c9b45
    size: 3.6M


2.19.8 Stuff:

- Fix bug where GDM was not properly executing a custom Xserver
  start script.  This fixes a regression introduced earlier in
  GDM 2.19.  (Brian Cameron)

- Fix bug with ConsoleKit that occurs when the session is going
  to migrate.  Previous code was failing to send the notification
  when the greeter is not TYPE_FLEXI.  (Ian Jackson)

- Set invisible character to '*' for gdmgreeter.  (Sebastien

- When using gdm_verify_standalone_pam_conv (used by automatic
  login) set echo to FALSE when PAM_PROMPT_ECHO_OFF is handled.

- Make it possible to configure system dependant options by
  setting environment variables before running configure.  Also
  support /usr/X11/bin/Xorg when setting X_PATH, etc.  (Laszlo

- Translation updates (I. Felix, Duarte Loreto, Jovan Naumovski,
  St\303\251phane Raimbault, Pramod Raghavendra, Rajesh Ranjan,
  Clytie Siddall)

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