gnumeric 1.7.12

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.7.12
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: ea510e82bbd73bb4832bd74fff99b068
    size: 18M
  md5sum: d00a63bac78e29920e5ea2fce8cfa25e
    size: 14M


Gnumeric 1.7.12	'Rocks for Rob, Roses for Harlan'

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
	* Added infrastructure to render the DocBook documentation as PDF.

	* Store objects in visible order in .gnumeric files. [#438933]
	* Make SMALL/LARGE support implicit intersection. [#343176]
	* XLS import for Form combos/lists source ranges. [#451384]
	* Remove warning when combo objects updated.
	* Repeat action being activated by F4 while editing. [#461284]
	* SUM(INDIRECT:INDIRECT) XL compat outside arrays. [#395926]
	* Merge UI layer back into WBCGtk, no more arbitrary split.
	* Use pygobject instead of pygtk
	* Use utf-16 encoded cmd line args on windows. [#361321]
	* Fix XLS import of workbook local hyperlinks.
	* XLSX import/export of hyperlinks.
	* XLSX import/export of validation and input messages.
	* Basic XLSX import/export of charts.
	* ROW/COLUMN return vectors not matricies. [#Harlan Grove]

	* Fix undo column/row insert/delete for arrays.  [#463834]
	* Fix undo column/row delete for objects.
	* Fix undo of sheet objects pushed off the sheet.
	* Fix auto-correct issue.  [#463996]
	* Fix handling of named expressions when inserting or deleting
	  columns or rows.  [#123649]
	* Validate defined names.  [#346223]
	* Fix 64-bit issue for non-GNOME build.  [#465545]
	* Allow relative formulas in name dialog.
	* Make test suite a bit more robust.
	* Fix date entry problem.  [#472760]


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