gtk+ 2.12.1

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.12.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: b0cd0b8067d3a83b05764480f73f9306
    size: 23M
  md5sum: c46f34addc2fe3ea6756055d59fb8856
    size: 16M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.12.0 to 2.12.1

 * Bugs fixed: 
 472965 a small improvement for scrolling behavior with PgUp/PgDown
 460194 Gtk tooltips + swt crash
 478803 Segfault in gtk_print_operation_run when no range specified
 480123 Crash from GTK's new search feature
 483223 leaves callbacks connected to display "closed" ...
 476342 Icon cache validation causes severe page-in
 484008 configure fails during CUPS version tests on some platforms
 327243 GtkFileChooserButton emits two "selection-changed" signal...
 465380 gtkfilechooser cannot show the modified date on none UTF-...
 467269 Inkscape Flickers horribly
 476686 gtkrecentchooser select-multiple property
 478173 GTK's Tracker search engine does not work anymore
 478371 totem volume slider appears on all workspaces
 482089 GtkPrintOperation check for null default signal handler b...
 482504 Missing locale to UTF-8 conversion for modification time ...
 482841 critical warnings on gdk_display_close after _gtk_tooltip...
 483563 remains of gtk_widget_ref() in gtkdnd.c
 483730 Keyboard navigation of mutiple-selecting gtk.TreeViews im...
 484650 Typo in docs for GdkGrabBroken
 484730 In MS-Windows theme, GtkBorder freed with g_free() instea...
 486360 Failed to convert Empathy Glade files
 389358 print dialog: unit selection dialog can't be closed
 448343 File chooser should maintain sort state during folder swi...
 477447 GtkPaned documentation doesn't mention behaviour with onl...
 482034 GtkMenuPositionFunc push_in parameter description
 482837 duplicate declaration of gtk_notebook_create_window()
 478637 Notebook tab labels not correctly centered in ms-windows ...
 484132 gtk_recent_info_get_icon docs
 486636 "Cannot open display" message doesn't include display whe...
 455284 Ctrl+L should work depending if it has focus or not
 478377 10x speed up for window motion/scroll (gdk-quartz)
 485301 Filename is garbled in print dialog on none UTF-8
 485437 Fix testxinerama.c to not query current monitor by default
 486155 Docs for gtk_text_iter_forward_line()
 339877 pixbuf loader incorrectly returns wbmp
 456137 Pidgin will crash in fail-safe session due to a NULL poin...
 456676 Critical warning in gtk_drag_drop_finished()
 352643 crash in gtk_entry_completion_default_completion_func
 477280 volume button docs fix
 477704 Add docs for GtkTreeModelForeachFunc
 476920 Move GtkFileSelection to the deprecated section

 * Updated translations:
 - Arabic (ar)
 - Assamese (as)
 - Belarusian Latin (be latin)
 - Catalan (ca)
 - Estonian (et)
 - Basque (eu)
 - Hebrew (he)
 - Ido (io)
 - Italian (it)
 - Japanese (ja)
 - Georgian (ka)
 - Kannada (kn)
 - Korean (ko)
 - Lithuanian (lt)
 - Dutch (nl)
 - Polish (pl)
 - Romanian (ro)
 - Slovenian (sl)

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