deskbar-applet 2.20.1

       Module: deskbar-applet
      Version: 2.20.1
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
  md5sum: a19670af35866ff8dc3bbf592f6c3de7
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: ba23f3a629b6f7287ff905e76e395466
    size: 736K


deskbar-applet 2.20.1

This release fixes some really annoying bugs
that has been discovered since the last release.

    * Fixed bug #470985: EOFError when loading history
    * Fixed bug #474179: ImportError when loading history
    * Fixed bug #478223: Error in beagle-live handler when retrieving snippet
    * Fixed bug in MozillaBookmarksHandler concerning smart bookmarks
    * Fixed bug #481029: missing final newline
    * Fixed bug #478067: gconf schema problem.
    * Fixed bug #475630: No module named dbus. Added dbus-python >= 0.80.2 as dependency
    * Fixed bug #483985 and bug #482379: Catch IOErrors and print exception using logging.error
    * Fixed bug #474627: global name 'DEFAULT_KEYBINDING' is not defined
    * Fixed bug #483544: Search directories recursive for .desktop files
	* Fixed bug: Don't replace OpenPathProgramAction in history when arguments differ
	* Fixed bug #486337: Make sure that results will displayed in alphabetical order
	* Fixed bug #486550: Set icon of OpenPathProgramAction to gtk-execute.	Don't display an icon in history, if none is set.

Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl

Updated Translations:
    * Belarusian latin
    * Bulgarian
    * Danish
    * Dutch
    * Estonian
    * French
    * Gujarati
    * Italian
    * Korean
    * Macedonian
    * Portuguese
    * Slovenian
    * Spanish

Contributors to the translations: Ihar Hrachyshka, Alexander Shopov, Kenneth Nielsen, Tino Meinen, Ivar Smolin, Claude Paroz, Ankit Patel, Luca Ferretti, Changwoo Ryu, Jovan Naumovski, Duarte Loreto, UrbanÄ?iÄ? Matej, Jorge Gonzalez


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