evolution 2.12.1

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.12.1
  Uploaded by: Srinivasa Ragavan

  md5sum: 48e74dcff2636e0e66dca303a91c9b93
    size: 31M

  md5sum: 392623efa9b79ede17ce90512f2c3c0a
    size: 25M


Evolution 2.12.1 2007-10-15

Bug fixes:
	#311179: Prevent label from gaining focus by <Tab> (Milan Crha)
	#324472: Tasks marked as complete using multiple selection are now saved (Milan Crha)
	#337539: Omit left column when showing list of contacts (Milan Crha)
	#340748: Notifies others about field change (Milan Crha)
	#468736: Fixed an infinite loop when printing calendar events (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	#474557: Fix runtime warnings when changing views in contacts (Milan Crha)
	#478757: Bump required GtkHTML minimum version to 3.16 (Karsten Bräckelmann)
	#478871: Show proper 'Fields shown' description for all tables (Milan Crha)
	#480804: Fix a crash on missing glade file (Pedro Villavicencio Garrido)

Updated Translations:
	Gintautas Miliauskas (lt)
	Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (gl)
	Priit Laes (et)
	Luca Ferretti (it)
	Stéphane Raimbault (fr)
	Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
	Changwoo Ryu (ko)

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