ORBit2 2.14.10

       Module: ORBit2
      Version: 2.14.10
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas

  md5sum: e35d27d24cc95f3c95695fb577de00b4
    size: 1.1M

  md5sum: 180f486f07d6db84aca0f71f68e54618
    size: 724K



	- bug fixes
		+ It is now possible to use the ORBNetID command
        	  line option to specify a specific NIC to be used by ORBit2
        	  when creating externally visible objects. This is supported
        	  by adding LINK_NET_ID_IS_CUSTOM to the LinkNetIdType enum
        	  type. Previously the first NIC which wasn't "" was
        	  unconditionally used. (Jules Colding)
		+ More GIOP fixing (Jules Colding)
		+ Build and debugging fixes (Jules Colding)
		+ Fix a crash (Tor Lillqvist)

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