libccc 0.0.5

       Module: libccc
      Version: 0.0.5
  Uploaded by: Sven Herzberg
  md5sum: b9b494c40982f70613e06d2e920c9bfa
    size: 680K
  md5sum: 6c1f2d21c1c767549434263956b8b8ca
    size: 504K


libccc 0.0.5

Changes since 0.0.4:
 * new features:
   * canvas items can be filled with gradients (linear and radial) now
   * started work on resolution independence
   * a very nice API to store view-specific data in items
 * new classes:
   * CcCamera: a CcItem that can display a different canvas
   * CcViewCellRenderer: a GtkCellRenderer to render a canvas into a treeview
 * new demos:
   * simple animation
   * item stacking (Canek Palaez)
   * easy item customization (Mirco Müller)
 * general header cleanup in the demo folder
 * CcColor: use GTypePrivate
 * CcItem: added raise() and lower() functions
 * CcPixbuf: improved rotation and scaling
 * CcSimpleItem: added an item that can be used for rapid prototyping
 * API Reference: updated and extended
 * Test Suite: added a test suite and lots of checks (though many are still
 * some bug fixes by Yves Combe

libccc 0.0.4

Changes since 0.0.3:
 * started working on an editor (unusable yet)
 * drop the frame rate to 25 fps
 * added skeleton for c# bindings
 * improved the pixbuf item (added rotation support)
 * use GTypePrivate in CcLine

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