libccc 0.0.3

       Module: libccc
      Version: 0.0.3
  Uploaded by: Sven Herzberg
  md5sum: 2160bc3b329ace79c8cc2ff76183ae99
    size: 532K
  md5sum: 1f591e9617e654c6fab5717343acb367
    size: 384K


libccc 0.0.2

Changes since 0.0.1:
 * Added a skeleton to become a canvas editor
 * Fixed the license headers to always mention LGPL
 * Improved view (un)registration (CcItem)
 * Fixed Cursor Position (CcText)
 * Added image rendering (CcPixbuf)
 * Lines disappear correctly (CcLine)
 * Fixed a Segmentation fault in the demo application
   (patch by "Mardy", closes bug 335803)
 * Don't round widths smaller than 1.0 to avoid disappearing of thin lines

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