libsoup 2.2.101

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.2.101
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
  md5sum: 166ee6ca8c1596d8e868a28e976d305a
    size: 696K
  md5sum: 54cc14dd5bc72de91e257e4ed2b4228e
    size: 488K


Changes in libsoup from 2.2.100 to 2.2.101:

	* Fix build on cygwin [384498]

	* Fix SSL rehandshaking on synchronous sockets [415402, Jacob
          Berkman] and add a regression test for it.

	* Fix two bugs in https tunnels over proxies that require
	  authentication (noticed by Varadhan), and add a regression
	  test for them.

	* Ensure that if you queue multiple messages at once to an
	  http server that requires authentication but that you
	  haven't authenticated to yet, that all of the messages get
	  properly authenticated [271540, James Willcox]. And add a
	  regression test for it.

	* Fix NTLM authentication, which got broken by the previous
          fix. [471389, Varadhan]. Add a basic NTLM regression test
          that doesn't really test the crypto/encoding parts, but at
          least makes sure that the message flow is correct.

	* Allow trailing whitespace after HTTP version in
          Response-Line, for compatibility with broken servers
          [475169, Stephane Loeuillet]. Add that case to the
          header-parsing regression test.

	* Fix crash then the session's "authenticate" handler returns
	  a username and no password when using NTLM. [480987, Wendell

	* Use "new" glib base64 and iso8601 methods rather than
          duplicating them. [337010, patch from Emmanuele Bassi].

	* Implement soup_session_queue_message() for SoupSessionSync.

	* Add G_BEGIN_DECLS / G_END_DECLS to all headers that were
          missing them. [438776, patch from Jonathon Jongsma].

	* Fix broken definition of SOUP_IS_MESSAGE_FILTER_CLASS. Noted
          by "cascardo" on libsoup-list.

	* Remove documentation of non-public MD5 methods [440092,
          Jonathon Jongsma]. Removed a mysterious half-sentence in the
          SoupMessage docs [458116, Marco Barisione].

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