deskbar-applet 2.20.2

       Module: deskbar-applet
      Version: 2.20.2
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
  md5sum: 2944cc4227c052c88705a4e00304487f
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: b53d97d431a68483af500942d1c280ce
    size: 744K


deskbar-applet 2.20.2

This release is the second bug fix release
of the 2.20 series.

	* Fixed: Layout is destroyed when changing font size. Used relative values instead of absolutes.
	* Bug #488047: Propagate the return value on CuemiacEntry::key-press-event back to the entry so that 'handled' is properly detected and ::key-press-event doesn't get emitted twice.
	* Fixed: Doesn't unbind keybinding when it changes.
	* Fixed bug #490981: Buttons aren't insensitive when no module is selected
	* Fixed bug #472568: Deskbar launches file texts as programs
	* Fixed: Cannot browse history when pressing up/down key
	* Show blank entry when no newer history items are available
	* Skip ChooseFromHistoryAction when browsing history
	* Show deskbar icon if history item has no icon
	* Fixed bug #479091: KeyError in _on_snippet_closed in
	* Fixed bug #475351: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith' in history module
	* Fixed bug #471672: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_actions'
Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl

Updated Translations:
	* Arabic
	* Catalan
	* Hungarian
	* Japanese
	* Uzbek

Contributors to the translations: Youssef Chahibi, Gil Forcada, Gabor Kelemen, Takeshi AIHANA, Nurali Abdurahmonov


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