anjuta 2.1.2

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.1.2
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: be436ae0c8458648680e4d58919b6d5e
    size: 7.0M
  md5sum: dcc4f0894b1d1d6441fe1d330ab76dcb
    size: 5.2M


Anjuta 2.1.2 (28 March 2007) -- Naba Kumar

New: Plugin profiles. Each project and user session would remember their plugins.
New: Improvements and clean up of icons.
New: API docs improvements.
New: Translatable strings cleanups.
New: Display program counter and breakpoints in disassembly view
New: Add markers in the disassembly view
New: Display function name in disassembly view
New: Segmentated toolbars for added configurability. Store and restore toolbar states.
New: Several stability improvements in debugger and others.
New: Improved local tags navigation
New: Fixed/improved global/project tags navigation (highlighting, autocompletion, calltips work now)
New: Improved gtksourceview editor component.
New: Improved autoindentation
New: Add a window displaying all threads in debugger
New: Several improvements in debugger navigation.
New: Improved prepare changelog tool script
New: Improved docking strategy. No more docking anomalies when enabling new plugins

Translation updates
gl, en_GB, dz. hu, ca

Bugs fixed
#306971 The auto-ident in swich/case doesn't work in an intelligent way (the best is for version 1.2.x series)
#355155 Goto / Matching Brace does nothing
#357541 can't launch Anjuta project file from Nautilus
#360462 Avoid markup in translatable messages
#374709 Anjuta Crash activating devhelp plugin
#377483 don't display "D" beside each directory in Files view
#378927 allow switching threads in debugger
#387208 [Patch] Add custom file-manager ignore pattern support
#392904 Disassembly view navigation is uncomfortable
#394709 symbol browser preference window is does re-size correctly
#397981 Automatic indentation does not work in some cases
#398035 Project manager templates are not localized
#398985 File symbol list as a combo box is useless. It should just be a button with popdown
#402774 No button at Empty Log message
#403514 Double clicking on the function names does not do anything
#407115 debugger crash on right-click on a frame in stack trace pane
#407314 build breakage in class-gen plugin
#407473 refresh dialog appears after saving a file
#408218 cass-gen is setting gtk.entries with null 'name' and 'email' values
#409176 Create Tags produces "The anjuta-tags utility is not installed. Please install it."
#409216 crash periodically
#409410 crash in Anjuta IDE: Right click in the sourc...
#409592 crash in Anjuta IDE: I closed the application...
#411377 Build breakage in profiler plugin
#411623 GLIB_REQUIRED should be 2.12
#412186 crash in Anjuta IDE: Crash on initial app. st...
#417612 GNOME Goal #3: Remove "Application" category from .desktop files
#418174 toolbar size
#418448 crash in Anjuta IDE: I just installed Anjunta...
#421525 Locals view does not update when stack frame is changed
#421529 Disassembly view is not updated when strack frame is changed
#423111 Wall can not build with sun cc
#423270 crash in Anjuta IDE: Crash on adding a new tool item

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