gmime 2.1.3

       Module: gmime
      Version: 2.1.3
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: 60a1154c53e3b996d2a8ff8c4431b6b1
    size: 736K
  md5sum: c903c5d126b615c741c43159b92d33ce
    size: 600K


2004-03-06  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* README: Updated

	* Bumped version to 2.1.3

2004-02-28  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-stream-buffer.c (stream_write): Shrink buflen down
	by the number of bytes flushed or we'll loop forever writing the
	same block over and over.

	* gmime/gmime-strea.[c,h]: Make stream_write() take a const char
	*buf argument instead of char *buf.

	* gmime/gmime-stream-*.c (stream_write): constify the buf

	* gmime/gmime-stream-null.c (stream_write): Count newlines as

2004-02-26  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* util/*.[c,h]: Moved here from gmime/

	* gmime/*.h: Fixed #includes

	* gmime/cache.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/gtrie.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/list.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/md5-utils.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/memchunk.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/url-scanner.[c,h]: Moved to util/

	* gmime/gmime-parser.c: Don't use gobject macro casts.

	* gmime/gmime-filter-md5.c: Move the MD5Context into a private
	structure so that we don't need to install md5-utils.h

2004-02-18  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-utils.c (rfc2047_encode): Return a duplicate of the
	input string if there are no 'words'.

	* gmime/internet-address.c (internet_address_to_string): Make sure
	ia->name is not an empty string.

2004-02-13  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-parser.c (parser_construct_multipart): Pop our end
	boundary before scanning postface text data. Prevents a hang if a
	multipart brokenly has 2 end boundaries.

2004-02-08  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/*.c: Use g_object_ref/unref instead of the
	g_mime_object_ref/unref and g_mime_stream_ref/unref.

2004-02-08  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-utils.c (rfc2047_encode): Changed to take a safemask
	arg instead of a gboolean phrase arg since we never used 'phrase'
	(g_mime_utils_header_encode_phrase): Pass IS_PSAFE as second
	(g_mime_utils_header_encode_text): Pass IS_ESAFE as second

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