gmime 2.0.13

       Module: gmime
      Version: 2.0.13
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: 560db0ed07229023d923b0bd0c0050ac
    size: 660K
  md5sum: a4ec1f92c4f9f352e0338805ce654650
    size: 544K


2003-03-07  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* README: Updated.

	* Bumped version to 2.0.13

2004-02-28  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-stream-buffer.c (stream_write): Shrink buflen down
	by the number of bytes flushed or we'll loop forever writing the
	same block over and over.

2004-02-18  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/internet-address.c (internet_address_to_string): Check
	that ia->name is not an empty string.

2004-02-13  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-parser.c (parser_construct_multipart): Pop our end
	boundary before scanning postface text data. Prevents a hang if a
	multipart brokenly has 2 end boundaries.

2004-02-05  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/url-scanner.c: Added single/double quotes to url_braces[]
	in case the user is quoting the url.
	(g_url_web_end): Add "-;:" to list of punctuation to strip off the
	end of urls. Also fixed to handle user domain's
	(g_url_addrspec_start): Strip open brace characters from the
	beginning of the addr.
	(g_url_web_start): Make sure "www" wasn't part of something not a
	url (like "Ewww.Gross") by check that pos[-1] is either an open
	brace or whitespace.
	(g_url_addrspec_end): Don't allow toplevel domain addr-specs
	(if we encounter something that looks like it is a toplevel domain
	addr, it is more likely to be bogus than correct).

2004-01-25  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-param.c: Disable debugging and conditionally disable

	* gmime/gmime-multipart.c: Disable debugging.

	* gmime/gmime-stream.c: Disable debugging.

	* gmime/internet-address.c: Same.

	* gmime/gmime-parser.c: Conditionally disable warnings.

2003-12-16  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-stream-mmap.c (g_mime_stream_mmap_new): Don't add
	getpagesize() to the map length.
	(g_mime_stream_mmap_new_with_bounds): Same.

2003-12-06  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/gmime-parser.c (parser_step_headers): If scanning for eoln
	results in finding inend, request a refill and try again (changed
	from inptr + 1 >= inend).

2003-12-05  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime/internet-address.c (decode_domain): Make sure domain->len
	> 0 before checking domain->str[domain->len - 1].

	* gmime/gmime-gpg-context.c (gpg_ctx_op_start): Properly set the
	O_NONBLOCK flag on each of the pipes (ie. we need to get the
	current flags first and then add the O_NONBLOCK flag rather than
	just setting the O_NONBLOCK flag by itself).

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