gmime 1.90.2

       Module: gmime
      Version: 1.90.2
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: 9cf4385f342f28a9ea8bcb9797b43e07
    size: 524K
  md5sum: bf0d349ad9431bdc31598689af2a47ea
    size: 412K


2002-09-30  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* Bumped version.

	* Don't install gmime.m4

	* gmime.m4: Removed.

2002-09-30  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-filter-charset.c (filter_filter): Rewritten, don't set
	errno to 0 before calling iconv (we can't assume that on success
	errno will not be set?). Also, don't grow the buffer here, save
	any un-converted text in the backup buffer to be converted next
	time through.
	(filter_continue): Pick up the slack of filter_filter by
	converting anything left over.

2002-09-29  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-filter[c,h]: Ported to GObject.

	* gmime-filter-basic.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-best.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-charset.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-crlf.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-from.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-html.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-strip.[c,h]:
	* gmime-filter-yenc.[c,h]: Ported to the new GMimeFilter.

	* gmime-data-wrapper.c (write_to_stream): Unref the filter after
	adding it to the filtered stream.

	* gmime-multipart-encrypted.c
	(g_mime_multipart_encrypted_encrypt): Unref the filters once we've
	added them to the filtered_stream.
	(g_mime_multipart_encrypted_decrypt): And here.

	* gmime-multipart-signed.c (g_mime_multipart_signed_sign): Unref
	the filters once we've added them to the filtered_stream.
	(g_mime_multipart_signed_verify): Same here.

	* gmime-part.c (write_content): Unref the filter.
	(g_mime_part_set_pre_encoded_content): Here too.

	* gmime-stream-filter.c (g_mime_stream_filter_add): Ref the filter
	(g_mime_stream_filter_remove): Unref the filter.
	(g_mime_stream_filter_finalize): Unref the filters here.

2002-09-23  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-filter-charset.c: Try our best to handle EILSEQ (illegal
	multibyte sequences) by eating the illegal bytes and
	continuing. This seems to be what users expect (it's what Mozilla
	seems to do).

2002-09-15  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-charset.c (g_mime_charset_name): Don't g_assert after
	using strtoul on the iso charset name, seems that some news
	clients use 'isolatin' as if it were a real charset (it's not) and
	we don't want to abort() on this.

2002-09-14  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* doc/*: Updated.

	* gmime-utils.c (g_mime_utils_decode_message_id): New function to
	decode a message-id as defined by rfc822.
	(g_mime_references_decode): New function to decode a references or
	in-reply-to header.
	(g_mime_references_append): New function to append a raw
	message-id to a GMimeReferences list.
	(g_mime_references_clear): New function to clear a GMimeReferences

	* internet-address.c (decode_addrspec): New function to parse an
	addr-spec needed by the msg-id decoder.
	(decode_lwsp): Make public.
	(decode_word): Same.

2002-09-08  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-utils.c (parse_broken_date): Wrap printfs in d() to
	prevent them from printing anything unless debugging is turned on.

2002-09-03  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-utils.c (get_tzone): Fixed to not get false positives when
	the token is shorter than the actual timezone string (but matches
	the first little bit of it).

2002-09-03  Tomasz K³oczko  <kloczek pld org pl>

	* fixes for automake >= 1.5 (removed duplicated
	variables) and few minor cleanups and better method for install gmime
	aclocal macros.

	* doc/ fixes for "make install DESTDIR=</install/prefix>".

2002-09-01  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* internet-address.c (decode_mailbox): When erroring out due to no
	local part in the add-spec, set *in to inptr + 1 so we don't get
	into an infinite loop.

	* gmime-message-part.c (message_part_remove_header): Same as

	* gmime-multipart.c (multipart_remove_header): Same as

	* gmime-part.c (mime_part_remove_header): Don't return anything
	here since our function is supposed to return void.

2002-08-31  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-parser.c (parser_scan_mime_part_content): Pass `content'
	into parser_scan_content(), fixes bug #92183.

2002-08-30  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* Bumped version to 1.90.1

	* doc/ Don't gtkdoc-fixxref if the user disabled
	gtk-doc from the build.

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