gmime 1.0.3

       Module: gmime
      Version: 1.0.3
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Stedfast
  md5sum: ae3fa8c1f8ec6f4c9d67aa07d11fd129
    size: 464K
  md5sum: f7481a92cb283636421ff93a13b7356c
    size: 372K


2002-07-11  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-utils.c (g_string_append_len): Updated the usage of
	strlcpy to match the new API (which was updated to match the
	Solaris strlcpy API).

	* gmime-param.c (g_string_append_len): Same.

	* strlib.c (strlcpy): Changed to behave the same as the Solaris
	strlcpy function.
	(strlcat): Changed to behave the same as the Solaris strlcat

2002-07-04  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj ximian com>

	* gmime-iconv-utils.c (g_mime_iconv_strndup): Fix for
	nul-terminating some multibyte charsets.

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