Module: gnome-games
  Uploaded by: Andreas R�sdal
  md5sum: 47fcb0c5b619e49d35372e6e5a747eb2
    size: 9.1M
  md5sum: aa052f1fa0b4c020c0219a227e75721c
    size: 6.7M



This is a bugfix release of gnome-games, with the following fixes:

	* glChess   - Handle empty filename in save dialog (#419486).
		    - Fix Python OpenGL import error handling (#419605).

	* Aisleriot - Correctly recognize a win condition in Thirteen (#418045). 

	* Sudoku    - Load random module (#411073).
		    - Fix PyGtk tree selection bug (#416063).
		    - Fix undo tracker deletion (#417805).
		    - Handle exceptions loading pickled objects (#408837).

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