gtk+ 2.10.10

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.10.10
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: c8d11992d13466147a00dfadb333f83d
    size: 22M
  md5sum: 73967e62a2e2e588ace772ac9db1bc32
    size: 15M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.9 to 2.10.10

* Bugs fixed:
 329450	Crash on IM switch ... (was already reported earlier)
 406757 crash in Movie Player: Souhaite lire un DVD ave...
 382565	GtkTextView invisible text crash
 402453	crash to IA__gdk_x11_window_set_user_time
 409101	invalid read to gtkicontheme.c insert_theme(), might caus...
 413032	Locking issue with xcb in IA__gdk_display_sync
 402131	Theme color scheme is sometimes ignored on theme switches
 405327	io-jpeg can return FALSE without setting a GError
 124045 GtkExpander should draw the focus around the arrow when t...
 143213	shorcut selector on gtkfilechooser use too much horizonta...
 151169	Filechooser comes up too big
 153785	Filechooser expands horizontally
 347106	tga images upside down
 356515	[a11y] Orca unable to read items in Evolution "Select a F...
 377164	Strange numbers in GtkRecentChooserMenu
 386618	Resizing columns need focusing first
 389765	Win32: Resizing a window does not repaint it often enough...
 393599	Previous and Next menus not active in a folder with *.ico...
 399907	Memory leak in gtk_page_setup dialog
 402565	[PATCH]GtkPrintBackendFile leaks string
 402806	GtkAboutDialog showing empty "contributors"
 403139	Leak reported by valgrind
 403255	gdk_pixbuf_loader_close returns TRUE but sets *error
 403409	Add a helpful comment on GtkCellRendererText:alignment
 403896	gtk+-2.10.9 fails to compile against win32api-3.8 due to ...
 405539	gdk_pixbuf_save() for PNG saver can return FALSE without ...
 405696	Make parent menu item insensitive if no items are to be s...
 409357	leak in color scheme code
 412221	Icons not working with Win32 file-system backend.
 412596	Setting the colour scheme property of GtkSettings has no ...
 413492	Minor build tweaks
 413664	Dragging tab greys out chat windows
 415645	Fix and clean up GtkCellRendererAccel
 310522	Buttons flicker and redraw slowly
 396899	glib mentions non-existing PATCH bugzilla keyword
 408018	GtkTextBuffer memory leak
 414875	Rendering the first icon triggers a style reset
 325477	Just make File Chooser window bigger
 414975	the popped up menu cannot have special theming
 331369 Menu short cuts do not work
 350988 crash with File Open in non-exisiting directory
 364946 crash in gtk_tree_model: Adding new account, or entering ...
 351671 textview should stop selecting when losing focus
 382904 Application crashed in gtk+
 385637 crash in testiconview
 396703 crash in testnouiprint
 396805 GtkTextView: crash on unsetting the GtkTextBuffer when in...
 410565 gnome-terminal crashes editing current profile
 335796 Gtk accelerator key event can't be passed to other widget...
 356515 [a11y] Orca unable to read items in Evolution "Select a F...
 416525 gtkfilesystemwin32.c: C99 declaration
 372449 no need to emphasise the "Location" label
 402144 spinbutton window background not reset on theme switch

* New and updated translations (ar,be latin,bg,ca,de,
  pt,pt_BR,ro,ru,sl,sq,sr,sr Latn,sv,ta,th,uk,vi,zh_CN,

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