tomboy 0.6.1

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 0.6.1
  Uploaded by: Boyd H Timothy
  md5sum: 1f6a391d651cef276fc1ccb0749f162b
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: 33e7f6b465055bcc72d6997b5f2a3199
    size: 1.2M


Version 0.6.1
* Updated translations for the following languages:
  Traditional Chinese/Hong Kong (zh_HK), Traditional Chinese/Taiwan (zh_TW),
  Serbian (sr), Finnish (fi), Catalan (ca), English/British (en_GB),
  Gujarati (gu), Macedonian (mk), Estonian (et), Bulgarian (bg),
  Hungarian (hu), Dutch (nl), Russian (ru), Japanese (ja)

Version 0.6.0

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