glom 1.3.11

       Module: glom
      Version: 1.3.11
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 5285518d768726ed1cf8308de692171b
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: 911d4e88ae53a1be50d2f65bbda96cf5
    size: 1.2M


1.3.11 (unstable, but 1.4.0 will arrive soon)

* Self-Hosting: Fix a bug (in our hack) that prevented this from working on Ubuntu Feisty.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Details view: Remove the unwanted shadow/frame that was introduced when we added the 
  vertical scrollbar.
  (Armin Burgmeier, bug 414260)
* List view: Allow script buttons to actually respond to clicks.
  (Armin Burgmeier, bug 359284)

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