f-spot 0.3.5

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.3.5
  Uploaded by: Larry Ewing

  md5sum: d7c64b189d6e2dca47bf6ff670fe6148
    size: 2.4M

  md5sum: dafa8ac8149b80d010cecee3629e39b5
    size: 1.7M


2007-03-05  Larry Ewing  <lewing novell com>

	* src/Widgets/SoftFocus.cs: attempt a better fix for bnc 248341.

	* src/Widgets/SoftFocus.cs: Make sure the blur zone is never less
	than .2 of the max dimension.  Fixes bnc 247507.

	* src/main.cs: add a more descriptive error when the session bus
	is missing.  Fixes bnc 247772.

	* src/Widgets/SoftFocus.cs: clear the memory buffer completely.
	Fixes bnc 248341.

	* src/SlideView.cs: load an error pixbuf in all cases so that the
	show can go on.  Fixes bnc 240952.

2007-03-04  Larry Ewing  <lewing novell com>

	* src/Editors/Tilt.cs:
	* src/Editors/SoftFocus.cs:
	* src/Editors/Editor.cs: give the windows proper titles, fixes bnc

	* src/FullScreenView.cs: Remove the <small> markup from the
	label.  Fixes bnc 247502.

	* src/InfoBox.cs: removed the weird entry that wasn't editable,
	replaced it with a ellipsizing label.  Removed some old strange
	uses of Gtk.Aligment.  Fixes a walkthrough bug Jared mentioned,

2007-03-01  Larry Ewing  <lewing novell com>

	* src/FullScreenView.cs: use IconSize.LargeToolbar, as that seems
	to get back an image without scaling.  bnc #247491.

2007-02-28  Stephane Delcroix  <stephane delcroix org>

	* src/InfoDisplay.cs: another check before looking into the
	ExportStore. Fixes bgo #413041.

2007-02-28  Stephane Delcroix  <stephane delcroix org>

	* src/Imaging/JpegFile.cs: write a DateTimeOriginal exif if missing.
	Fixes bgo #413001.

2007-02-27  Gabriel Burt  <gabriel burt gmail com>

	* src/TagQueryWidget.cs
	* src/FindBar.cs: Avoid showing Hidden photos unless explicitly told to do
	so.  Fixes BGO #411973.

2007-02-23  Stephane Delcroix  <stephane delcroix org>

	* src/FormClient.cs: expose the multipart property.
	* src/GalleryRemote.cs: Use multipart messages on ablum creation to
	avoid url encoding of album names. Based on a patch of Aidan Skinner.
	Fixes bgo #385267.

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