goffice 0.3.7

       Module: goffice
      Version: 0.3.7
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder

  md5sum: 346f285c2578b02a2b7fe1434d986dcb
    size: 2.6M

  md5sum: dc1e356e05abb5370b8cf3c13cc07fd6
    size: 1.6M


goffice 0.3.7:

Emmanuel Pacaud:

	* Fix calls to g_object_class_install_property. [#172866]
	* Show a complete dash sequence for sample lines in legends. [#404819]
	* Fix persistence of legend position. [345836]
	* Only round width of sharp line. [#403403]
	* Add more line styles

	* Fix UTF-8 problem in format preview.
	* Separate the format selector from format internals.
	* Total rewrite of number formatting.
	* Fix potential memory corruption in format dialog.
	* Make space-filling in formats use thinner spaces when
          available.  [#163438]
	* Remove embedded PCRE.
	* Improve axis labeling.  [#413660]


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