evolution-jescs 2.11.1

       Module: evolution-jescs
      Version: 2.11.1
  Uploaded by: Jedy Jedy Wang

  md5sum: bf27eed064e68b6e0a5d2f8bceabb9ed
    size: 692K

  md5sum: 38effa3d5cda0dc31e73f53be4efc00d
    size: 520K


2007-06-28  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* configure.in: Bump to 2.11.1.
	* storage/GNOME_Evolution_SunOne_Storage.server.in.in:
	Add button tooltips.
	* storage/sunone-folder-tree.c: Include gi18n.h and replace
	gtk_widget_(un)ref with g_object_(un)ref.
	* storage/main.c: Include libintl.h to remove warnings.
	* lib/so-client.c: Include bonobo-activation.h to remove warnings.

2007-06-22  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Patch from damien carbery sun com 

	* configure.in: Remove module version numbers from pkg-config calls
	because other Evolution modules have dropped the version numbers
	from the pkg-config.pc files.

2007-05-22  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Patch from Takao Fujiwara sun com

	* storage/sunone-account.c: include glib/gi18n-lib.h
	but not glib/gi18n.h.

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